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Indie games on PS4

Now I have had many conversations, with my gaming friends, on PS4 having a heavy dose of indie games for PS+, I am torn between two opinions so to speak. 

Firstly we are getting to play the games we might not have even looked at, for free. For instance DEAD NATION is my favourite title to come to PS+ not 100% sure that I would have even bothered playing it if I didn’t get it on PS+ but it was free and I ran through the campaign on easy. I’m no fool, I suck at games so I keep it on easy for enjoyment not stress! I don’t feel I could justify paying much to play it, especially considering most indie titles on PS4 will be on steam or a humble bundle somepoint for cheap.

Then the unmistakeably obvious, this is a next generation console, with indie games that could easily have been done on ps3, why are there so little options for sony, they knew for a long time, Drive Club not one of my choices, but for many this getting delayed an entire year, is very annoying am sure, such a drag for racing fans. Watchdogs got hold back from launch too, its been poor for games on next generation consoles, but judging by the press conferences before launch, it makes sense, they did seem to be bigging up titles that well we already expected, then titles that have now been delayed so much most will forget they are due.

I just can’t begrudge sony, but I can’t help being a little pissed off. I am waiting for 2 big titles, plus maybe at a push a few titles I will just get for the hell of it or to give me some more options, I bet anyone can guess the 2 big ones?

Destiny and Watchdogs, I have pre-ordered both, I wanted BETA access for the former, a game I see being almost as big as Borderlands series for me. I would like to add a little gutting fact for a lot of people waiting on this, Watchdogs comes out the day after bank holiday, 27th May, so for those in work, book it off if you need. I’m just new in my new job so not sure if I will risk a day off so soon, maybe once I know when the Destiny BETA is on I will book a day or two off. I’m looking forward to more, so here are my likely additional titles in the run up to the end of the year.

Firstly UFC on PS4, I don’t know what is happening with 2k and WWE, if it is only on last generation, I am not sure how I will justify it, seen as the last several WWE games have been a little sub standard in some ways, I just like something like either of these, to let off steam, I watch WWE and can appreciate the UFC games too. Then Sims 4, this would be a big one, I wanted to start doing sims lets plays but figured I may be wiser waiting until the next generation. More people will be undecided and looking for footage. Then I gotta admit, The Crew is something I may get. Just not a huge racing fan, so hyped for it last year but with delays, not so bothered. I am sure there  are more, but for now I’ll leave it at that. Oh wait a minute the new space faring Civ game. Could be an awesome one to get hold of.

So yeah, indie games galore, not a bad thing but not a good thing either, so here is to a better year for PS+ next year! 


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