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A week into Ascent – Game of Thrones

So just over a week into my game of thrones ascent on facebook, I must say, I really like how they did the game, I wish there was a not time related version of it though. I find if you are not able to regularly check on it, it can feel a bit slow. I know this is because I am a eager to get further and having watched three series of the show, I want to see how the game compares. 

From what I have played, I can gather if I had more time I would be playing it a lot, I just can’t wait for an android app. I mean it is possible to get it on my browser on android, chrome is what I used, but it would be much easier with an app that I could link to facebook. I want to unlock levels, build up my money so I can buy another sworn sword. Currently I have one and am around the silver it takes to get a gold one, 24000, but I don’t want to use all my silver and be waiting weeks to get back so high. I’d strongly advise you look into upgrading your money laundering stuff, if you pardon the slightly strange term for it.

A side note, more personally it is making me realise, that as much as I am working at the moment, I cannot help but game, not saying I would wish to stop, or that I shouldn’t or won’t, just noticed that if something interests me, especially in gaming/reading/tv I can often find myself much more willing to escape to these worlds and forget reality. I don’t think this is entirely bad, but it makes me feel a little disappointed these worlds are much more appealing to me. I may even create my own worlds for others to escape to in time.

If you haven’t checked it out, are a big Game of Thrones fan, please do, not sure if you can search for people on it but if you can, look up Kaelin Ravenheart, thats me, Rigante Hold. A shout out to the LEGEND that was David Gemmell!


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