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Watch_Dogs First Impressions

After basically setting the scene in my own watch_dogs world this last 48 hours, I have formed a few first impressions. I just want to offer some comments up.

The word derivative, has been thrown around a lot in regards to this game. I am going to quickly get out and say what most people will never, GTA 5 and most games of such high regard, are all derivative works in most ways, so to concentrate on these parts to slate a game as fun as watchdogs, is just plain silly. Ubisofts trademark tower puzzle to unlock map elements, suits this game better than any previous attempt. I loved the Borgia Towers from the Assassins Creed series and while these initially seemed impossible, I grew to love them once I got the hang of it and with the extra profiling you can do by unlocking these, I made it one of my priorities.

The main negative for me is the driving, I feel in this new era of gaming, we should get intuitive, silky handling, or something that is easy to mould to traverse the city. I don’t think it is the worst driving in an open world game, but it really lets you know, how it just doesn’t measure up, I hope this is not a ubisoft trademark we can expect to see more of in The Crew. I am keen to add in that the instant “used” car delivery early on is an excellent feature, although, I may prefer to have an option to collect cars, or drop cars with a garage in order to make them free every time.

An open world game, with mechanics such as watch_dogs is an awesome idea, I want to look more in future at how it could have been improved, for now though, good and bad points to share are :

GOOD – Open World, is not overly huge, but is not small either. Seems to strike a fine balance.

BAD – The driving takes some getting used to. One area that is often poor in open world games.

GOOD – Has its nods to all sorts of open world games, whether intentional or not, GTA, Saints Row, Sleeping Dogs, Assassins Creed

BAD – From my first impressions I feel It could end up being a short story, with the long delay and season pass announced, this kind of dissapoints

GOOD – Seems plenty to do, while not all will be entertained for ages, I think I will.

BAD – Consequences were a big selling point in pushing this game, but I don’t see it driven home much, I see a distinct lack of choices in this game, maybe I was too busy enjoying the game?

So having played a little longer, I can honestly say the story is developing nicely, My 2nd negative still stands, but it kind of feels like if I wait til the end, I might not mind so much. I finished unlocking all the CTOS Towers got the trophy for that, I felt this was a fun nod to ubisofts previous open world series, Assassins Creed, I felt a sense of achievement and didn’t find any particularly hard, one stumped me a little but I just found someone who had video footage on youtube and once I knew what to do I realised I probably could have found that out eventually. I am probably going to get the season pass, just because it may save me some money and I kind of want to look at more content, however as a side note, this is what I’m playing right now.

On Facebook – Game of Thrones Ascent

On Android – DR WHO LEGACY (if I can stomach the lag thanks to samsungs latest patches)

On PC – nothing in particular, lots of different games if i get chance, a steam catalogue and some other stuff

on PS4 – Watchdogs, BF4 and FIFA14 – expecting new games to be added this week, just downloading new UFC demo, but it takes ages.

I stream when I can, after getting a job, this is mostly weekends, or possibly between 6pm and 9pm week nights except wednesday until further notice.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your thoughts, comments and disagreements, I try to respond to everyone.


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