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Game of Thrones Ascent – The “Ascent” continues . . .

Ok so been playing over a month now, I have got a little more down the trees of tech if you would that drive the game, maybe this is what keeps me going, I want to explore stuff more, what creates what, leading to what etc. I did find that I can get more sworn swords, which means more quests at one time running, a great tip for any newbies, is save money early on, build up and get another sworn sword, cos then you can farm more for silver and rewards, plus get further in the story quicker, well in theory, sometimes it means you fail a little, but if you don’t buy any but gold sworn swords, preferrably with gold coins earned for logging on for a week of consecutive days or silver earned in game, not by using real money although, go ahead if you’re filthy rich and want to support the developers, I can’t personally afford and don’t like the way it works like that. 

Making me want to watch Game of Thrones again, I’m not watching any season 4 until the season is over, just so I can binge on it or watch it when I want, rather than be tied to a weekly schedule, that doesn’t fit with me. I am eager to try out new houses, I have two accounts I have played on, one I was sworn to the Starks, I am a big fan of that house, I like Jon Snow and Nedm, then Arya is such a fiesty little minx, can’t help but like her. Not bothered about Sansa, but being ginger is a plus for me, more than a minus, so shes alright. I then for my own personal main game, I chose Targaryen, Purely well cos, Dragons, Emilia Clarke and I have been rooting for her ever since her brother got melted and she developed into such a wilful, vicious but kind character, ironically what is expected of a king/queen, to be feared and loved. But I am enjoying the Ascent game, I had my first mini war and it played out ok, but as with any facebook game, the time delays do irk some. 

So I am intrigued does anyone else out there find this game so addictive? any non game of thrones fans got interested in the world and want to try out the tv series or books because of the game?


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