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Destiny Alpha Initial Thoughts

Well I got a fair few hours on Destiny this weekend, tried all 3 characters out, got a Titan to level 8 and had a little go at PVP. Being a  huge fan of borderlands, I now am eager for the full game. I was sat playing while a friend commented, ‘it doesn’t look that impressive to me’ so I double checked my opinions, graphically I am not sure if the hype is justified, but I enjoyed it and am eager to test the full game and even the beta to see how it progresses. I did find multiplayer too challenging for me. I struggle against human opposition on FPS games. Gear looks good but hoping to see some exotic gear, that looks very different from the original basic stuff we see in the Alpha. I want to know more about drop rates, love the cryptic stuff they got going on though.

BETA is from July 17th, Release is on 9th September can’t wait.



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