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Plans for blogging ahead. . .

So I have been sparingly posting on my blog recently, I did a vlog not so long ago, but very rare I do much now I am in work. I have a few ideas, to get me back into blogging, as many of you might know, I have a keen interest in american wrestling, the entertainment side of it, I play wrestling simulators and well I had this idea, to do a series of posts, that might focus on my own fantasy of being a wrestler, rather than controlling a federation. If I was wrestler, sort of thing, Mick Foley is one of my all time favourites and I think he inspires me to make more effort to write, hell maybe one day him and Ross Noble combined could get me on stage doing stand up. Doubtful, intermittent social paralysis might prevent it haha.

So that’s one thought but another is Doctor Who related, a huge fan of the series, have every episode, the latest edition to my who collection though, is a Trudi Canavan short story, not finished it yet, but would make an excellent TV episode. I do love her writing. She is up there for me with David Gemmell, Garth Nix and JK Rowling of course.

So yeah I’d like to consider doing a Facebook Doctor Who Legacy stream. I am not amazing at the game, but I know my way around it and it would make sure I had definite progress with that version and could maybe pick up some tips and share some of my own with people. I watch AdiposeTV’s stream with Tiny Rebel games when I can on Thursday night around 8pm GMT, I’m just always eager for new content and experiences with this game. Really appreciate the effort put into it, one day maybe I could add some sounds to it, I would have to push my sound to new levels though I know.

I will keep you posted best I can, but please feel free to follow me on twitch @ alwaysmutetheweirdo search for me on facebook too.

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