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If I was a Wrestler . . . . (1)

So I will start the story, unlike most tales, in the middle, the beginning is always more interesting when you start in the middle. So eventually I arrive at the training ground of what is basically a UK version of NXT, almost as big too. I picture myself starting as an announcer kind of guy, like Josh Matthews, in fact probably with a similar build, nothing special. I play a geeky gimmick, sat in the back playing the latest wrestling game associated with the company or rival company, depending on if that would help build me. I just run a few announcing segments for a few months, I then get confronted, back stage by this, slightly bigger, definitely more built bully, the angle being he is picking on me because of my nerdy. or geeky tendencies. Read between the lines if you want. I agree to do him an in ring interview supposedly out of fear, I have bigger friends but everyone does not expect what happens in the ring. He taunts me, in between bigging himself up, let’s compare him to the late Umaga, but without the Samoan heritage, just a brute. He grabs hold of me, instinctively, as often is the case I think with supposedly weaker individuals, even outside of the square circle, I react dirtily. Poke him in the eye, then proceeded to go for a low blow, now yes some pockets of fans will despise that, but majority were always waiting to cheer it, when someone finally did it. I proceed then to drop some ground moves on him, being an avid gamer and wrestling fan, I know a lot of moves. This builds my character a lot, but also keeps my opponents slightly confused. I always liked the sharpshooter, not because of Bret Hart, but just how simple it looks. I put him in it for a while, grab the mic and show off what inevitibly is the reason I become a pushed star. My mic skills, I rant on in a tirade about how “you think I can’t handle myself, because I look weaker, let me ask you something, how many people have you seen warm to me in that locker room, what do I do when everyone is wrestling, I watch and I learn. Intelligence is key, especially when the guy you are facing clearly has none. Now leave my ring, I have an announcement to make.”

“So BCW(british championship wrestling or any british federation if you like, or wwe, with NXT) this is the dawning of a new era, I have been working behind the scenes for months, to create the faction that will dominate this business. I am no monster, so I acquired my own, enter a guy slightly like Rhyno.” I picked him over Kane because of my time gaming on EWR, a truly underrated beast. “Then obviously you need speed, a position that was much harder to fill. I am not a fan of many of our high flying demons, but this guy, is underrated, Kofi Kingston” So the pairing may not work for most, but these for me are guys, that never made it in WWE but could have been or could still be big stars. “Finally, a manager to aid us and push to stardom, normally a leader would take this on himself, I was tempted, but then Paul Heyman rang me” So yeah it was close, Ric Flair was almost my choice, my style in the ring suits his tutorship very much. I like a little submission, but my character could yet change.

“We are I S D, Intelligence Speed Destruction, Paul would you like to say a few words.”


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