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I am about to go stream some Fifa 14, my current career for streaming is Dortmund, with England. I just finished my first season, winning both the league and cup in germany, followed by a World Cup win with England on penalties, thanks to Joe Hart for sure.

Just done pre-season, possibly bringing in a new face or two, Sven Bender looking like hes on his way out too. Come chat, enjoy the football and see what wonderful failures and beautiful goals happen. Listen to my reactions as the referee calls foul when I clearly got the ball, or calls offside and displays a clearly “doctored” replay!

It’s always best to follow me actually on twitch, as I often don’t get to post like this before I go live, I’d much rather you get an email whenever I start. Usually stream for at least 30 minutes even if nobody is watching, in future this will be getting longer, due to improved internet too! – follow my twitch channel page


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