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Tangents on Tuesdays Special . . .

I feel a rant coming on, so just a special tangents on tuesday, for those who remember my old tangents, know me well enough to know my rants or just for those new to my blog. I have to owe a little creative direction for the name of these posts to my favourite comedian Ross Noble, love his tangents. So on with it.

I recently played the Destiny Beta, having already played the Alpha, I’m still stoked for this game to come out. I enjoyed it, but always felt I wanted more from it, I suppose this is a good thing for the developers, builds to the release, but I am left following this and another bit of gaming news, Sims 4 to be specific and honestly, I am a little disappointed that EA have failed to see how this franchise does not need to go the same way and shepherd it into a new awesome era, I won’t pay origin’s stupid prices for this game, I will hopefully look to snag it a bit cheaper from a retailer like Amazon, which is sad when you think about all the controversy surrounding them not paying tax and squashing other retailers out of the way. EA ruined Sim City somewhat for me, while I liked the curved roads, that was the only thing that really was worth taking in from their recent edition. I missed the huge sprawling maps, it just feels like they want to concentrate the experience, limit the user, but bring in more money, I’m ashamed to admit I spent £60 on that game. I don’t want Sims 4 to go the same way, but with loading screens returning, base game seemingly smaller or certain features being taken out that we have come to expect, I just keep my fingers crossed my thoughts are dumbfounded.

I’ll leave gaming there for now. I could go on for ages, but I wanted to discuss my favourite TV programme and well the fandom that surrounds it. Doctor Who, I have been a fan since Eccleston arrived on our screens portraying The Doctor. I have since then gone back and watched a lot of classic who. I have one fault in my love of this fandom, I struggle to watch Troughton and Hartnell. I love Hartnell’s incarnation, his serious, alien portrayal of the role sits well for me, I think Capaldi could bring some of that back. Troughton was different and again I loved what I managed to watch of him. I think the production values or something about the show outside the characters, maybe the black and white ones, just didn’t grab me. I loved Pertwee watched all his that I could find. Same with Tom Baker’s, I heard a lot of people don’t like Colin Baker or Sylvester McCoy but again I just loved them for being different. I want to also shout some love to Tiny Rebel Games, they have brought a new love for the fandom into my life with their game, Doctor Who Legacy. A gem swapping RPG game, where you decide the team to face the levels, well for now anyway. I eagerly await any new “free” content I might add. AdiposeTV’s weekly streams around 7pm BST on twitch. I only wish I had more time to play and possible even get my own little stream going.

So yeah I have to get back to the real world now, but thanks for reading and hopefully you will see more posts, in the coming months.



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