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On My Mind Right Now

I don’t know what is on my mind, it runs so fast these days. I’ll try to slow it down a bit for you. I’m thinking Doctor Who, new season soon, already watched the leaked first episode, Capaldi is going to be awesome. I can feel it. Wait something else, Sims 4, should I buy it from release, if I do probably off Amazon not Origin, although I could set it downloading when I go to work the day it comes out so I can play soon as I am home, hmm choices. Speaking of choices, Doctor Who Blu Ray 50th Special Edtion, complete with Doctor Who Legacy code for “The Moment” yes please!

So honey and mustard dressing, that is worth every penny, tasty. It’s so warm,, pretty dark in here too, maybe I should stick a light on, I need a shave, again this is unusually warm for England. Ah man Destiny, in just over a month, so close. I need a lot of saving to be done, few things to buy when I’m out of this damp place. No point buying new speakers or new gadgets when they may get wrecked and all need lugging.

Hmm, would that fan keep me awake if I put it near my bed with the noise, would it be dangerous to leave it on overnight? I’ll leave it, best be safe. So many sauces on my desk, Garlic Mayo, Brown Sauce and now Honey n Mustard. Kind of tired think we are done here!

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