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Destiny – Hyped, repetitive but still fun to a point!

Ok, so I have been playing Destiny since it came out, I have reached the standard max level, still working on the light levels, I have experienced both crucible pvp and the entire story. I have played with many guardians, at least one or two randoms, experienced the beta, alpha and a lot of grinding, so what do I think?

Well Destiny can easily be compared to lots of titles, it is not unique at all. I draw my comparisons from mainly Borderlands and Warframe. The game is obviously a little like Halo aswell. I was excited for this game the moment I saw it, I feel the title was well chosen to hype the game even more. It felt like it could be Borderlands meets Halo, with a sprinkling of Warframe on the side too. A gem for me, Borderlands being my favourite series on console. So I’ll be straight up, even though I am having fun, I am not impressed with Destiny.

Ok graphically it is beautiful, it provides some great views if you pause to take them in. which is easily done in this game considering you want to break the repetition and unimaginative story that you are faced with. I won’t say I didn’t enjoy the story, just that there was not enough of it, it wasn’t structured and I felt it lacked effort. It is hard for me to see graphically pleasing games worth a look these days, because they waste all of the power on graphics and produce such lack luster gameplay or short stories. Destiny has its good points don’t get me wrong, a grindfest though it is, all be it once you get to level 20, it is a fun game, its addictive too.

I think we all expected more from Destiny. I cannot understand how restrictive they seem to have gone. Customization is limited and has no real place in the game character wise once you have set the features. I would love to be able to tweak my paintwork on my guns in future. The loot system, promised to be so much more than Borderlands, but for me ends up just the same overall, but lacking on some levels to even live up to Borderlands own work. It makes me feel I was harsh on gearbox back in the day. The one positive I like about Destiny’s loot system, is the Engram system. You find Engrams on the battlefield, take them back to the tower and decrypt them, this may land you some cool new armour, weapons or other items, but it also improves your skill level, giving you higher chance of getting better loot.

I haven’t experienced the whole of the game, but I feel Bungie may lose a lot of gamers before they can access half of it, because well I’m already level 20, just gaining light levels now and I’m a little unsure of why they felt the need to make sections only playable by a few elite, or as I like to call them anally hardcore try hard kind of gamers, I don’t want to be penalized and miss half of the game because I ain’t skilled thanks. The resource gathering is intriguing for me, but I can imagine it would get tedious after a while. I just want to add that like Watch_dogs we have all been suckered in by all the hype and told it will be awesome, delays or no delays, it stands not alone in its “look at me” attitude and failure to deliver on its promises.

I reserve final judgement, will update once I see where Bungie take the game and also when I have experienced more of the end game or DLC.


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