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Inspired To Return . . .

I’m back, I was inspired by the film Ruby Sparks, I related a little too much for my liking, the thought that I could write a woman into my life, one that shared my love of dr who, shared my gaming obsession, or whatever else I fancied well that is just awesome, but I also knew it can’t be that way and could see as the film developed how he wrestled with his emotions much like myself, I think I felt he was a lot like me, I’m not as organised as him, or maybe I just prioritize better, or don’t have enough drive with my own writing.

Well I sit here madly typing whilst having Villa match on in the background. I want to say I don’t know where I want to go with life, I have a job now, this is new, but I feel although it has brought me money, along with that possibilities, it has also restricted me. I am not saying I don’t want the job, the atmosphere is mostly great, the work is simple enough, yet not boring. It doesn’t take me ages to get to and from work. I just miss my free time, I’m more structured now, but being new to this whole 9 – 5 job situation, I’m not liking the fact I have to scrimp on game time. I find I may get more inspiration, feeling more creative but no time in which to explore this. Yeah I know I’m writing now, but I haven’t for a long time, nor have I touched my music for a long time either.

I have lots of ideas, but no time, I think this is mainly due to my “slight” gaming addiction, ha! I prioritise gaming, above most other things, I am not like some people who might forget to sleep or eat or drink, well not much anyway. My fluid intake has not been good for a long time but I doubt it has anything to do with gaming. I drink just below the average or necessary I think. So yeah with more money, games are easier to buy, soon as they come out. I try to stream new games, as its the best time to get people interested, but first one will probably be WWE 2k15 on PS4.

So ideas, I want to get my Sims 4 Let’s Play back up and running, my new sound card seems to be helping with that, although I hoped to record tonight, I am feeling this more, so stay tuned for that. I also want to look into starting a podcast, probably a reggae/new music thing. I have been listening to David Rodigan from BBC 1Xtra and Radio 2 but I want more, so am sure someone else would listen to it! I am still working out a way to get myself a dr who novel going, probably including some vault hunter action from pandora, Time Heist is a little inspiration for it, but only slight, I mainly look at easy tie ins, like Jack, K9 , Claptrap, Tardis. The trouble is I cannot decide where to go with it, maybe I should just start writing!

So yeah that’s where am at …. thanks for reading!



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