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Doctor Who Legacy . . . .

This is a game I play on my mobile, the only game I definitely play on mobile, I’d say at least every other day, most likely every evening before I go to sleep. I have been playing since December 2013 around a month after it launched, can’t remember how I came by it, but I’m so glad I did.

Basically it is an rpg, puzzle gem swapping game, based on the longest running Sci Fi show, Doctor Who. It combines my love of Who with gem swapping puzzle games, another of my favourites. It is just a lot of fun. You build a team consisting of A version of The Doctor and some companions, progress through levels, much like candy crush or other similar games, but you level up each companion, or doctor as you play, you progress them further by gathering different time crystals and spending them on upgrading the star rating of each character.

The characters each have a gem colour assigned to them, but you can have a team consisting of 2 or 3 colours if you wish. Black, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow are the character colours while Pink is a healing gem colour. In Addition the gems have styles that you can use or just stick with the default. There is so much more to explain but I will try outline what basic stuff is needed and round this up!

The game also has a story, where characters pop up with text that you read to give a little more immersion into the whoniverse! They have recently kept releasing content in line with the new season of Doctor Who, all Doctor’s are in the game 1st to 12th, including the War Doctor, there are lots of costumes for both doctors and companions.

But wait that’s not the kicker for all you on the fence types . . . .It’s free

You can spend money on little things like time crystals which do a lot of things, like upgrade characters, save you if you die on a level. buy new costumes or companions, roll for a random character from a certain season of content, yeah there is tonnes of content already. Then added to that, for a nominal fee, to purchase time crystals, I think its around £3 you can unlock the fan area,which adds more content. Also there are expert levels, so what are you waiting for, try the game! This is the best Doctor Who game there is, maybe I’m biased but try it for yourself, feel free to comment, keep the community growing!


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