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Destiny Fun vs Why Bungie Why??

Destiny has engrained itself to my brain and into my life, it is a really addictive game, fun, in the main a well made game with minor problems, but Destiny, while one of my favourite titles so far on PS4 is very frustrating, it is an annoying poorly implemented halo inspired borderlands copy. It has a sprinkling of Warframe, a dash of pretty viusals that appeal to a more “realistic” graphics desiring gamer, it has a sound pvp system that although, not perfect, still stands up and is no worse than call of duty or battlefield games.

My issue is mainly the hype, the game was, much like Watchdogs, overhyped, to the point where we expected too much for Bungie to deliver. Destiny is still fun, but the promise of a lot more different loot, particularly, the point that most people would not have same guns, that they didn’t want to include trading because you should have unique guns, it does not make sense. While I am sure I have only scratched the surface of the full magnetude of content that will be available, once the game is complete. I have often found myself getting the exact same guns as friends, especially noted is with so few exotics, everyone who bosses the game, not myself but others are seen with every exotic and can always have exact same gun as me if they so choose. This is not what Bungie appeared to be aiming for.

I’d love to know how they can make themselves sound like the game everyone wanted, the borderlands beater, the borderlands, the graphics obsessed snobs wanted, I got The Presequel recently too, not as gripping and engaging as previous games, but it still has more of a story and is a better all round game than Destiny. I’m biased but I’m trying not to be, I enjoy Destiny, I wouldn’t say don’t buy it, but I wouldn’t say you need this game now either. Destiny still feels like a grind fest, a game purely for the hardcore, play one game to death gamers, ideally those with a lot of skill with rpg or shooters. I have a fair few mates who before Destiny, played nothing but Warframe, probably before that nothing but DC Universe Online, I found DC fun for about a month, if that, warframe for maybe a few more months, Destiny I can see lasting longer, I come back to it, not so with DC and almost the same with warframe. I am fed up of being shut out of parts of the game because I don’t have some good run in buddies, or I suck at raids, I want the complete experience, not the experience for the dexterously weak.

I got my first Exotic Bounty today, I was well pleased, I much feared I had been locked out of that too, done the first parts, so am now thrust into somehow grinding for loot/glimmer to get enough rare fusion rifles to move on in getting this gun, I am also lacking ascendant materials for guns and armor upgrades, because Bungie thought it would be nice if daily heroics or weekly heroics and other such rewarding experiences should be limited, seriously? really? are you on crack Bungie?? This could go horribly wrong for them, if this is the way they treat eagerly awaiting new gamers from the Sony side and relieved Microsoft patrons, then why would people buy the dlc? Oh wait Activision already took care of that, because the DLC is actually some main chunk of story that they felt made the base game too big, what a set of wankers, seriously? I’m a hypocrite, but I just like to get these things out there, doing my bit to help educated the masses, Destiny is fun, but Why Bungie, would you keep ruining what could have been the best game for PS4, for a long time?

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