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What’s going on with me . . .

So I am just sat at my desk, with some hot chocolate, orange flavoured, pondering the last chunk of my evening, I’ve been lucky enough to have my kitchen cleaned for me recently, I recently bought a lot of new games, on the cheap, one through Steam and a humble bundle too. I must admit if/when i have kids, they are going to have access to a huge library of retro titles, alas I cannot see that any time soon.

So yeah, big weekend off coming up, I have some new games, two extra days to play them, although one night I am escaping to a rave. Plenty of hard stomping music to be had! I also have a friends birthday coming up, I just wanted while I am not doing much to plug a few places of mine you can listen, or watch my online content. – search alwaysmutetheweirdo if this fails – again search if it fails

I love to hear from followers, even if it is negative criticisms, I just like to chat to people. Most of my music on those pages is relatively old now, I have struggled to get back into it since I started working, when I get inspiration I usually need to be heading to bed, much like when I have stints of not blogging, I want to write but work takes priority as it pays the bills!

I am thinking of doing some posts on gaming addiction in the near future, or self discipline relating to gaming as I have struggled with this myself and am keen to explore it more and maybe even find a few people I can inspire or help to assess their own situations.

aw crumbs, no more hot chocolate, its cold . . .

Thanks for reading,



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