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If I was A Timelord

Ok, so most people who have read my blog or know me, will know I am a huge Dr Who fan. I have cosplayed The Doctor, best I can with the clothes I got. I have all of the episodes I can get, excepting season 8 of the modern stuff now. I often fantasise about stopping time or having extra time. This includes the kids show bernards watch, so I figured if only . . . .

Well given I’d need a name, I’d start with that, my nickname is Pixc, so maybe I could use that The Pixie, it fits as I think I’d be a mischievous weirdo type. I’m not really a Doctor sort of guy, not really a heroic kind of guy, but I guess some of his characteristics fit. I am definitely a bit mad, I am definitely not a good man on the whole but have a good heart. I can be funny, people tell me this more than I think it, I’m just me, I can’t really think of another name I could use, I’ll think on it.

I think as Timelord, I’d definitely do a lot of travelling to other worlds, or other times, I think playing some practical jokes on famous people in history, I’d definitely be a rule breaker, one of my favourite recent lines, is from the 11th Doctor’s regeneration scene, did you mention the rules or something, classic, I picture him now dancing round with his stick in the air, about to destroy the daleks as if they were nothing.

After watching Peter Capaldi play his take on the role, I very much feel a Timelord would be grumpy a lot. Angry or depressed too, just the time they endure in the world, very bitter, I can have those qualities. Puddin Brains do sometimes make me so angry and so bitter, but I still love them to bits!

Adventure, little pranks, I’d be more like Missy and The Master combined with a slight touch of The Doctor, I think the incarnations of The Doctor I’d most be like would be Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy from the classic era and a combination of all of the modern era doctors, I’m an older northern character with a silly, intelligence and wit.

Well I am tired now, but trust me if I was a Time Lord, the universe would never be the same again, I would make sure of that!


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