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So I am thinking of starting a new series, to get me writing more on my blog, I am thinking of watching Dr Who episodes, random ones, then writing my comments on them, giving my personal rating, good bits, bad bits and possibly commenting on alien or companion potential for another episode, I wanted to do this because I saw an article on my news feed on facebook that stated a few episodes that deserved sequels. It made me rewatch an episode tonight, Night Terrors.

This is an episode with the 11th Doctor. I think Matt Smith was the perfect Doctor to put in this situation, I don’t want to discredit any other Doctor’s but he works a lot better with the younger companions, he has at least one other episode focused on children. His child like nature really works. He has some excellent alien moments in this and I forgot how good the episode was.

This episode was wrote by Mark Gatiss, one of the regular contributors to Doctor Who, his stories usually are a hit, but don’t quote me on that I don’t remember who writes every episode. I think the main problem I had with this episode was the fact that everything just went back to normal, just like that. It is sort of explained but well a small part of me thinks everything is too fixable in Doctor Who.

As it is fresh in my memory I can honestly say I enjoyed this episode, it was not one that I remembered or one of the best episodes, but once I rewatched it, I realised I probably enjoyed it more now. The Tenza intrigue me and as a result I’d like to see more of them, I am not sure if George at puberty could be a good sequel or not. I’m going to make this a shorter review but I hope to make future episode reviews more detailed.

I would probably rate this episode around 7/10

If you’d like to read more of my thoughts on random doctor who episodes, feel free to comment, like, follow, leave suggestions for episodes, I would cover any except hartnell and troughton as I find them difficult to watch and am not sure I have all of them. Still don’t think I am not a huge fan of all Doctor’s I cannot pick a favourite, but for those who might be interested my first was Eccleston and I think Capaldi may become my favourite if he stays long enough in the role.

Cheers for reading,


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  1. I can’t pick a favourite Doctor either 🙂 My excuse is that they’re all the same person…
    I think that watching random episodes to review is a great idea. A reason to watch more Doctor Who as well.

    January 7, 2015 at 5:01 am

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