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Whovian Tales – Blink

So my second random episode is Blink, featuring 10th Doctor, played by David Tennant, Martha Jones and Sally Sparrow as the main character. I would note that we see very little of The Doctor in this episode, in fact, it feels a lot more like the companion focused episodes some feel is what Doctor Who is all about.

I will start by saying this was the first episode to contain the iconic enemies, the weeping angels. I have since grown tired and bored of them, this episode having rewatched it is genius. It is by no means the best episode of new Who. but I rewatched it and I was quite surprised at how little the Doctor features, but how much of a great episode for new fans to watch it is. I may retract that statement but it is a very strange episode to review. Set in 1969, 1920s and 2007(present day pretty much) it is from the third series of New Who.

The weeping angels, by the way . . . spoilers. stop reading now if you don’t want to give away the episode. They are parasitic, stone gargoyles if you will that feast on time, they kill people by transporting them back in time, this episode focuses on that, rather than the doctor, which works, but someone on a facebook page I follow, possibly The Doctor Who Hub, said this might be a good jumping on point, I’m not sure if this is a wise point, it might tease who The Doctor is slowly bringing people in, but Rose in my opinion is a much better episode for this. The “timey wimey” nature of this episode could be very confusing indeed. The episode was also penned by Steven Moffat, the current showrunner of Doctor Who.

This is definitely a good filler episode, one that can be missed if needs be, it doesn’t bring anything, in my opinion it was a tester, to see if these enemies could become a regular staple in the whoniverse, they did become that but I think they are more a side attraction they will never stand the test of time like Cybermen or Daleks. I find it hard to mark this episode down but I also find it hard to love it. Maybe it was too rushed, maybe it was missing something. It does leave you wanting to watch more, as I am tempted to find another random episode, I must wrap this up.

I really liked the emotion, the characters and in general the whole episode, I didn’t find it memorable, I think if an episode is memorable it is worth above a 7, so this episode gets a 7/10.

Please do feel free to comment or like, follow me, tell me I’m wrong, glad to know people are enjoying reading these, i’ll try to get more up more often, another excuse to watch Doctor Who episodes again, if there are any episodes you would love to see me review please suggest aswell!



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