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Whovian Tales – Smith and Jones

So I rewatched one of my favourite episodes, Smith and Jones last night. I must admit this episode has a little place in my heart for a number of reasons. If you haven’t seen much Who, it is definitely not a bad jumping on point for modern who. It features Tennant as the 10th Doctor, Martha Jones, The Judoon and is set in a hospital aswell as on the moon. Yeah the moon.

So who are the Judoon, well they are essentially rhino space police for hire. They seem similar to the Sontaran’s with their bulky armour, but essentially the thing that defines them is the language they speak, short minimal words, that equal each letter of our own language. I love it, one of the reasons I want to see more of this alien. Essentially they are not an enemy, but they are a handful.

In the episode, spoilers incoming btw, Martha walks to work on the phone has The Doctor approach her and take his tie off, this gets the viewer thinking, it was great to keep you waiting for what happened next, it was built upon, Martha and the character who is later revealed as the alien the Judoon are hunting are in a scene, but following this, Martha examines The Doctor, Tennant sparkles in this scene, I think any Doctor would but his chemistry with Martha only grows from here on.

The Judoon take the hospital and everyone with it to the moon, this a piece of genius, it provides a lot of wow factor for me, then when the ships arrive to search for the alien, oh man, what a sequence, so blockbuster. There is a lot in this episode that is just great. Martha and The Doctor but one point I didn’t like was Mr Stoker’s reactions with the alien, he seemed overly scared, not confused enough.

On the whole this is a great episode, it sets Martha’s time in the TARDIS off to a flying start, it develops The Doctor, definitely a great episode for modern who fans or newbies alike.

I’d give it 9/10 purely because the aliens, the chemistry and blockbuster moments with so little negatives, but anyone think different? Feel free to comment.

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