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Inspiration Spark

When you’ve been as low, or as unfulfilled as I have in most departments of my life, for a good few years, then something just happens that changes your attitude, the way you see someone or life in general, you kind of notice, but for me something clicked recently, a spark was set a light and I felt alive again. I want to write something about it and so I’m going to try piece it together.

I didn’t expect this!

I know my heart and my head are agreed, they want to rush into this with you,

I know I need to calm, at least a little believe

But I thought I had no chance, I thought it was gone with you

I’m still scared, paranoid to shit but I’m hopeful that it’ll pass

That one day, I’ll have made it and it’s you i’ll ask

But for now just bare with me while I try to slow down

My head and my heart don’t agree very often, but now they do, it’s hard to argue

I don’t want them to fight, I want this to work out alright,

Just bare with me while I slow down

I’ve not got the best control, but I’ll give it a go,

Maybe you can tell but am crazy about you

I probably seem like a putz, at the moment

But I’m just trying to slow down, keep control but not lose you

All at the same time

So forgive me and if you can

Try help me not fuck this up!

I’m the kind of guy who is sometimes too full on

I can’t help it, I don’t do things by half, if I like you, I like you, and that’s that

That’s not it all though, cos sometimes I’m frozen, I stand there alone

So yeah I’m a little broken, but nobody’s perfect

You can’t say fairer than that

This is not what I thought would happen,

I was sure another girl would be in this song

I’m not complaining, I’m so fucking happy

But I’m still sad, cos I’ll probably fuck it up!


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