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Sleep thoughts

So I am still trying to figure out, why I often find myself, really tired half way through the working day, usually after lunch time, or mid afternoon, also why I wake up feeling tired, unless I wake up after a minimal amount, which seems bizzare. For instance I was probably asleep by 11pm the other night woke up at 2.30am feeling wide awake bounced out of bed then saw the time, I need more sleep before a day at work, right wake up around 7.30am knackered as if I had already done a days work. I feel to guarantee I do not feel tired at work I may need over 8 hours sleep, not something I can afford with my lifestyle, work times. Many would argue this is bollocks, but hear me out.

I am a gamer, I was a heavy user of recreational drugs, I haven’t used any in a long time several years in fact, the thought is on my mind that my usage of these substances, have helped to alter my ability to sleep, this tied in with my gaming sessions before I got my job, which would always last until after midnight, best time to game is at night. I find myself again looking at technology, particularly computers and tv screens, mobile phones as a source of hinderance, I am addicted to gaming, I know this, but I’m not so bad as to not eat,drink or sleep, but it does affect me enough for me to become aware of it.

I have since gaining a foothold in the working world found myself with a lot less gaming time, this is frustrating as a heavy gamer, the majority of my time awake was spent gaming. I am hooked on the novelty of a new game, or if a game is particularly rewarding to play, recently WWE Super Card is my regular 2nd android game to play a few rounds of before bed, the first being Doctor Who Legacy. It is a routine thing for me, I do what I need to for work next day, grab a shower or bath, watch some stuff, play some pc games or on my PS4, maybe stream something, then at my roughly aimed time, head to bed to either watch some videos or tv, while I game on my mobile or rarely on my laptop in bed, I sometimes blog, as is this case tonight, this is my outlet for, worrying, getting my thoughts out, it sometimes helps me wind down, again I think I am becoming more aware that I probably don’t help by facing screens so often, i read once that the bedroom doubling up as this games,tv,laptop area might not help either, but with only so much time to do what I want and my laptop streaming video to my tv in bed, I kinda struggle to create that boundary to test if it would work.

So yeah the awareness is there, but willingness to change the routine might not be yet, I am however enjoying watching virgin tv in my bedroom thanks to a long HDMI lead running up through the ceiling and can use my mobile phone to switch channels, it is awesome, if I fancy a change, stream some videos stored on my pc using my network, to my laptop and onto my tv, the power of technology. Sad as it may seem I think only a good woman could prize me away from it all and as she hasn’t managed it yet, I am left to enjoy all the technology I want.

Seriously though awareness can only do so much but it is half the battle!

Thanks for reading,

I think the only thing that could really prize me away from all this technology and gadgets, would be a good woman, sad as it may seem, I


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