Allsorts of Stuff


Running round and round in my head, thoughts of you and what to do.

You drew the line and I won’t cross

But in my head I draw it all, the curves, the animation, the feeling, the beginning, the middle and the end.

I can’t wait to get to the next bit, I can’t help it, neither can you

I want to be myself, when I am around you

I want to have it my way, I want to relax

I want to not want what I want so I can give you what you want

But I can’t

I want to run so far away, I want to hide from you

I want to be stuck to you all day and all night, I want to you to want me

I do it to myself, that is what really hurts, I can’t stop

I just want to let that go, maybe then I can be who everyone thinks I can be

The songs don’t stop running round in my head

The words flowing out of me, the words they don’t help you know

I don’t know where to turn, where to look.

You inspired me, because you provoke the emotions to escape my mind,

Set the chains around my words on fire, melt them away

So I can reach higher

I will keep running round inside my head because I am scared if i come out it won’t be real

I’m inpatient because I don’t see why anyone should have to wait

I’m a hypocrite because when i get made to wait and it happens i know it is so much sweeter

But what to do? That’s me, Impatient


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