Allsorts of Stuff

Morning After

So I woke up still drunk, awaiting some fun, cancelled again, I’m bitter yeah a little pissed off, but I don’t blame her, life sometimes just does this to us for a reason.

I’m now fresh off the pot, back in bed, realising this is my last day off, it’s fading fast, weekend is only two days away, but I’m really upset, I do it to myself, my vision is terrible, no glasses think I lost them, I’m still hurting though, I’m on a weird deflection path in my head, trying not to be pissed off at her, I’m even going to think about a woman, I will call the one, I don’t think I am the one for the one, I might be wrong but I still wish the one was here with me, to ease the pain, in fact I wish I could make the one smile from ear to ear, over and over, just stop time, for everywhere and everyone but us, spend as much time as we wanted just being lazy and other things.

I’m broken, I can’t fix it, I can try though, who knows what I might create with that effort. my head is spinning in more ways than one, not all because, but some of it because of the one.


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