Allsorts of Stuff

Under Pressure?

Least I want to do, is add more for you

Am just falling faster than I believed I could from cute, to awesome then exceedingly hot

There is not, single desire to make you feel that pain

But all the same, if we could make it well am willing to train

I wear my heart on my sleeve

Not just this time, all the ones before believe

Why should I change how I am for you

Then you say there’s nothing you don’t like about me

So what is it then, was it time even though you said it wasn’t

Was it protection that you felt you offered

Seriously if I can share this summer all the same

I don’t think I want these games

I speak the truth when I offer my wit, a little filthy sometimes but I won’t quite

I just feel my mouth and my fingers getting loose

but my mind and heart reach out for that noose

I never felt so much like I was hanging myself from a rope

Where it hangs and cuts me across the throat like a machete,

I’m not ready but life is forcing me to try

I am not ashamed that you already made me cry

I am fool to let you slip away but if the line drawn

the battle is already lost, my way

it’s a wonder how I keep myself under control

When my heart and something else sees you as the perfect goa

These words can’t ever surely bring you closer

This time might not be right but when it comes I have to quickly to take to the net and write

A wordsmith garnered little appreciation for the rap genre

But seems to usher it into his own world with ease

Thinking back wishing I knew how to deal with a tease

Turn it into a yes please

Let’s do this, no expectations

Not except the smile on your face,

The feeling small as I wave you off when you head up north

Knowing you won’t forget and neither will I

But am stunned


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