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reflecting on your part

A lot of times I am put in situation where I am so lost, so confused or just so frustrated. External influences stop me from heading through the doors I want to push open, often locking a key, or keeping it ajar just enough for me to look in.

I often wish I could be the one that tries it once then, walks away, leaving them like a dog with decision to make, do I follow, out to see what can become of this, or do I cower inside this room to see if he returns? For me I guess it would be the same, do I cower behind the slightly ajar door, peering in hoping someone will come and let me, or do I go find another.

Right now it feels like there is a scent of paradise coming out of this ajar door am stood next to, hell maybe my eyes/mind ain’t working right and the door is actually closed but the scent is so strong I can’t leave, like a poison mist, paralysing me, like a mixture of ketamine and lsd, a weak dose, just enough to make me take notice but stay still.

I don’t know if I’ll ever leave this door, I said it before, so maybe I will, but right now I still want to chase, maybe there is another  way in, should be fun finding out anyway.


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