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A system of inefficiency – Rant

So back on the dole queue after a year in work thanks to a redundancy, nothing could be done, the staff that were left in my team were in my opinion cheaper or longer serving. I wouldn’t be too bothered about being unemployed, I would just crack on with job searching, improving myself, enjoying myself in a time of uncertainty, but then there is the job centre.

Now I pride myself on being honest, but this is a system in which I am no longer allowed to be honest. If I was to be 100% honest, I would be deemed not worthy of my financial support to keep me alive and surviving. I would be deemed not doing enough in a society where the work out there might not be suitable, by suitable I mean I could realistically have a shot at getting it, as I have relevant experience when it is asked and so on.

As many people reading this may already know I live with a condition known as dyspraxia, it mainly affects my co-ordination, social skills and makes me susceptible to stress and depression, I don’t know how much confidence I can put in those words, it was something I read online. I have mentioned it to doctors and judging by their lack of disagreement I feel it is at least true most of the time.

So with that being said, I am left with the dilemma, having only had my initial setup appointment and a single sign on, I am already feeling a major increase in my irritability, even the simplest of things drive me up the wall, I can usually calm myself down with some music or some gaming, but now I have to apparently do 5 hours minimum a day of job search activity, but that is ok, because it includes interview practice, dummy runs, etc, lovely you mean those dummy runs which I can hardly afford to do because well I have bills to pay. Ok look I know it might be feasible, a long shot if you say for me to spend five hours a day doing such activities, but while I try to do this, how is my health looking? Well so far pretty poor, stress officially through the roof, support next to non-existant. I don’t know but maybe this system doesn’t work for everyone.

So I am keen to get back into work but my mind cannot focus on it, because I am being made to jump through a few more than necessary hoops, plan your job search, log it all down, make sure you know how much time you spent on it, get enough detail, the more rules and controls you enter into this system you cannot possibly enforce, the more the honest people think, fuck that, I think I’ll just blag it, because they can’t be bothered anymore, it is so obvious that you don’t care about my life, about my health, you just care about getting me off your job seekers, if that means we have mental breakdowns, then well so be it, not like it matters right?

Another thing, my blog, is a skill, I write, showing off my grammar, my creative writing skills and expressing myself, it helps me deal with my emotions, it probably helps me develop in general, reading and writing skills and so on. It doesn’t however count towards the systems plan for me. In essence we are slaves, robots, mindless zombies that must adhere to the plan otherwise, well no money, then no house, then no life. I was quite content in my routine, going to work, enjoying my 30 second weekend and booking myself a wee break every now and then to sort myself out. I’m now feeling myself spiralling back into a world of late nights, extra unwanted stress, external controls making me violently attacking my own mind and having to resort to gritting my teeth and trying to breath calmly when all I want to do is choke the life out of whoever thinks its ok to put some toffee from london who lies to keep himself in power above my own health.

Seriously this inefficient waste of a system needs to stop putting more hoops up for people like me, the more stressed I am the less I want to do, I don’t do planning, so if I have to it stresses me out, I don’t do more than is necessary so when I find a way to streamline my job search process, use one really good site that links to all the others, I do not wish to have to find lots more other job search activity just to please someone, here is the kicker . . . .

Job Seekers Allowance –¬†See that right there, I am seeking work? Yes, yes I am, so stop with your controlling bullshit, leave me to do so, kindly stop stressing me out and let me get on with it, I can’t rush the support, because I don’t provide it, don’t tell me I ¬†should be doing this that and the other when you can’t even see me on time most of the time, don’t have the relevant paperwork etc, come on you want me to frame, well you bloody frame then.

Rant over, thanks for reading,



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