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Returned to the Dole

So back looking for work now for a few weeks, surprisingly with 1 year in work added I feel only slightly more confident applying for jobs, it has opened some areas up to me a little, but not I think enough for me to feel this will be a quick move. Ideas for where I could take my career are very slim, I’m open to suggestions, I can write I can edit images to a point too. Resized them in my last job and cut bits of furniture out of rooms to display them on Amazon and eBay. I’m keeping an eye on my health, particularly stress. I find blogging and music keep me at least able to deal with what life is throwing at me, I did an activity that was basically see this car, write a sales pitch for this car, a small paragraph, think it was meant to get you to think about your own personal profile, it kinda fits like a sales pitch, except you are selling yourself. I don’t like sales as a career personally but it makes me wonder, maybe I would be ok at it, in a certain environment. I don’t like rap but given the right topics and the right sound, I reckon I could at least write rap lyrics. Can’t imagine spitting on stage or even in a more intimate setting, nerve wracking eh!

So I think music on from now on, hopefully I won’t be on this bullshit tip much longer, stay in work, not because it pays, but because the alternative is dealing with so much unnecessary drama from a system that does not get it, the people behind those desks, they don’t distinguish between someone who wants to work and someone who doesn’t they just check the figures, are you doing what we ask? not enough? right this is what we need? it’s all pigeon holes and no thought or creative thinking, it doesn’t get you from A to Z, just from A to B if you’re lucky.

Anyhoo rant over,



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