Allsorts of Stuff

Asked me why, I couldn’t say

Why do I want her so bad, why do I feel like I’m in so deep, over someone I hardly know?

Maybe it is cos we are both ravers?

Maybe it is cos I always wanted wanted to be with someone shorter than me?

Maybe it is cos it just feels right?

Maybe it is cos shes so positive, so happy?

I never looked at her and thought . . . daaaaaamn, she is hot, I did think she was kinda cute.

That was then and this is now, now she is awesome, but yeah kinda hot too.

Skin soft as silk, yeah that one has been used before in my life, but it is still true.

Now I can flip it round as I think about it

You seem cold towards me, when we are not face to face

That adds to the hurt, but I can’t complain, you have a life, maybe it is just me

So I don’t know why I feel like am falling for you, so quick I can’t make sense of it

Hell am so happy and so sad all at the same time, more happy when around you though


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