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Sweet Reggae Music

I am looking, scouring the web, spotify and soundcloud mainly for epic reggae tracks for my upcoming reggae podcast, the first will be entitled ‘Wake Up Beautiful’ this is to try something new for me, but although I have some good tracks in mind, I am short, here are two in particular I would like to share right now . . .

Sizzla – Good Morning (above) excellent track, I am a huge fan of sizzla!

Kabaka Pyramid – Pretty Like Flowers (above) love this tune, I often use music to explain how I feel, this is definitely one for the many crushes I have had over the years 😉

Stay tuned for more news on this upcoming podcast and hopefully the finished article is not too far away now! If anyone has any reggae tunes they think would be suited to this morning reggae mix, please get em in the comments or feel free to email me norochmusic  @  gmail . com  (remove the spaces)

Thanks guys!



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