Allsorts of Stuff

One of the simplest but best

Today was a surprise, in fact this weekend was a surprise, usually when someone bails on me, it becomes a big deal and the weekend is ruined, but this weekend, I worked on a new collaboration with gabber-mouth, I cooked some meatballs n pasta, which went down nice with some reggae reggae sauce from Levi Roots, I then woke up to a good bit of news, then after a good sunday dinner, grabbed a cheeky pint, first one in The Grove, recently labelled best pub in Huddersfield. Met someone new and it was good to just sit and chat to a couple of friends, I can’t believe how the day has gone, bliss.

So yeah I thought I’d share it, not often something positive happens like outta the blue so it is nice to share something more positive even if it is so simple and nothing special. Now I got reggae blasting out chilling with a friend, itching like a mad bastard for some reason but cracking, ready to take on the world and whatever life throws at me this week.



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