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The 11th’s Last Words hitting home . . .

So as most who read my blog will have gathered, I am a massive Doctor Who fan. 11th’s last words included something about Never Forget Who You Were Before. These words will stick with me in life forever. I have changed a lot even since I was 18, even though right now I feel like some of my younger days are returning, mainly because I have been single long enough for my attitude to return I think to that of a single guy, well my sort of single guy anyway.

These words were on my mind again today as I think back over the weekend, I was told by a friend, I don’t think about anyone else much, this was denied by other friends including someone who said exactly that before this person did, now it hurt, it hurt because it was so far from the truth it is unreal, I put everyone before myself, when I don’t it is often well deserved, with good reason or just not my greatest hour. So I pledge never to forget where I came from the changes I went through, I once was in the mental state I am now, I rushed off and into something that wasn’t right, when things didn’t go to plan, so learning from that don’t rush, don’t forget what happened last time.

Also I have a feeling I forgot to a little that people will remember who I was, of course I am referring of course to my partying days, don’t get me wrong I still want to party, but I’m not one for heading to bed after 7am if I can help it, I know some will still have a sense of shock at going so early/late but the nightclubs or raves I still go to from time to time, have a closing time between 3am and 6am so if I am in the city, a journey back included sometimes it can hit 9am before my head hits the pillow, I cannot afford to be so knackered so I’ve calmed down a lot. Now that I am always in a sober disposition, maybe a little drunk sometimes, I rarely have the stamina for after parties.

I know it might seem weird to suddenly blog this out there, but well I hope people might take from this little speech enough to help them work out their own issues, their own thoughts as sometimes we all need a little hand.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment!



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