Allsorts of Stuff

What About Me

I know I have talent, I know I write really well, I am aware of this

I know I’m not a bad looking lad either

I know I’m funny, I don’t think I am, people tell me I am, so it’s not my opinion, but I am

I know I would treat a lass right, not all the time, I’m not perfect

I know I deserve better than this, where I am now, what I am, I know it will improve

Every day, for me, it is not about me, its about her,

Hard to admit, but its true, its about her

So yeah its about me right now, writing this, getting her out of my head, onto paper

Its about her, going from a ball and chain that doesn’t exist, except in my mind, to the pages outside it

Knowing she isn’t perfect, but could have been perfect for me

Feeling she would love to be ‘HER’ but can’t, for whatever reason

Knowing I cannot wait for ‘HER’ because, well what if ‘HER’ is not really her, but ‘HER’ instead

Knowing I think too much so to write is to let go, or at least try

What about me, I’m just watching life pass me by, trying to relax into this

Writing, gaming, reading, listening, creating, dreaming, hoping, never waiting, even though it looks like I am

I am hurting, this is me, you won’t see it, you rarely hear it and you would never believe it


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