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So I did some personality and lifestyle quiz, after doing it, you get some results, I figured I’d share my results to some extent, thought it was interesting.

So the name for my apparent personality type is Stargazer. The explanation of this laid back dreamer, look up to the skies and dream, well I’m not sure, I was often told I was a dreamer, so I guess it fits, I often read fantasy, science fiction, other worldly stuff, watch Dr Who, am a heavy gamer, I guess it all ties in.

84% neurotic, emotions being a big part of dyspraxia, that definitely fits, recently in life I have shown I react to emotions, quickly, sometimes not well, so yeah I can accept this. My composure is apparently direct, definitely something that is up for debate, but likely in the main to be true.

Results HERE

not sure if you can do the quiz following that link somehow but am sure there will be a way, feel free!



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