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What I want in Fifa 16 or future versions . . .

So Fifa 16 is coming, I wanted to discuss my own ambitions for where they could take the game. I will probably cover some stuff other places have covered, sometimes I will have seen this and upon reading it have to admit it is a good call. So here are my desires to improve fifa . . .

1. Defensive Positioning – We really need this improved for our own team mates against AI, or at least an easier way of controlling this, for instance I have conceded lots of goals where nobody is in position and they slip through my defence and score. Seriously it is so frustrating that the difficulty as tough as it is cannot still have some better positioning on defenders.

2. Career Mode Players star wanting to leave needs to be a way of postponing this – So in Fifa 14 I managed Dortmund and instantly Lewandowski wants to leave, as this was the main reason I picked this team, to play with him I was pretty pissed he demanded to leave, I’d just like maybe a chat option, so I could attempt to persuade him to stay, guarantee him we win the title and if we do he stays and if not we will accept his demands? I also get frustrated when a player wants to leave because he is home sick, from say Austria and he moves to a team further away from that country, like in my case Weimann did on fifa 15 moving to Newcastle, further north of England, further away from Austria. It just doesn’t make sense.

3. Reserve/Youth Team matches or Friendlies in middle of season – So I have this problem where half of my team is always complaining about first team action, but most of them are youth players or old reserve team players and cannot be used a lot due to skill level for now. I want a way to build them up quicker, play with them while not ruining my form in the senior team. For instance if I could schedule first team friendlies, as long as I have a day either side of no matches, still counting as first team action but I use some under utilised players, failing that a youth team league or reserves that I can choose to play or skip, allowing me to develop players, maybe drop the development rate in these matches by a little in comparison to senoir team experience.

4. Stadium Expansions/Moves – Ok so I saw that people were clambering for this option and I gotta say I like it. I would love the option to move to a bigger stadium when you get promoted from say League One to Championship and above, it would add realism to the experience of taking a club from a lower league up. I also think that adding a few generic variants of each stadium to allow for expansions, even with just numbers changing. Commentators could even comment on this when it happens.

5. Badges/Kit Customization – This is a big one for me, when a team moves from one league to another via promotion or relegation the badges should change, the premier league badge should be dropped when a team is relegated, taken up when a promotion happens. This is just the tip of the iceberg though, I find kits need a lot of customization available, it would help with kit clashes, for instance Huddersfield Town, my home town team, once had an away kit of dark blue, next to the traditional home kit of blue and white stripes this is not a big change, I’d much have preferred an alternative red kit, now with a customization option simply allowing colour changes would help fix this, I doubt they could include an alternate kit for all teams, just in case. If they really wanted to impress me though, allowing me to start a non-league team, create my own kits, pick sponsors and add a whole new level of depth to a career mode.

6. Preseason changes – So I like that there is a preseason, it gives me chance to explore my team selection try out new formations, but it is rather short, has random matches already selected by the game, with no scope to add more matches, a suggestion I have seen is having a tour, with a choice of three on offer you can add so much to preseason, it is boring as it is, some people even skip the matches. I think either adding a tour section, then two friendlies afterwards, or the option to add two additional matches with three choices for each friendly including the ones already in place would be so much better.

7. Transfers – I’d like to see improvements made to the scouting system, why scout someone fully if you do not find out their overall skill? I have found my youth players hard to get interested lower league teams for loans, which is bizzare for people who I was told had potential to get 90 star ratings. I’d also like to see real success with a club resulting in insane transfer budgets sometimes, like you won so much, did so well, just go nuts, to allow the creation of dream teams when players do so well, maybe you have to have been successful with the same club for five years before it happens, keeps people driven to stay loyal, play the career mode longer too!

Any thoughts on these suggestions?


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