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Change is coming – Divas division, my thoughts . . .

So, though I only saw a little of RAW, being from the UK it is rather late for me and I am going to sleep soon as I have wrote this, Paige says change is coming, Nikki claims to be more successful, Paige is a rookie only in WWE much like Kevin Owens, she is a seasoned veteran from a prominent wrestling family in the south of england, Norwich to be precise. She is one of the best women in the WWE at the moment, that includes NXT. She won the diva’s title off AJ Lee in her debut on RAW.

Change is coming, I hope it is, because the Bella’s story is boring me, they ain’t that great in the ring. I wonder what sort of change, as a writer, I have a few ideas myself. I figured I could share them.

1. NXT Divas cost Nikki the title, Paige in my opinion was the start of a revolution in women’s wrestling or should I say the 2nd diva in that revolution, AJ obviously would be the first, women being more than just eye candy or the piss break. I think Paige could call upon someone, maybe more than one diva and then one of them could be brought up to the main roster, Charlotte could be, Becky Lynch would be a good choice as she is irish and this could provide an anti diva alliance.

2. Nikki and Brie were are loggerheads not long ago, I must admit I am shocked Brie has not turned on her sister yet, could this be twisted into formulation by Paige, I doubt the WWE would be so creative as to twist the sisters against each other this way, the time for that to mean something may have already passed.

3. A legend is instated to referee the match in a bid to stop this twin magic, a special guest referee would really bring in the crowd especially if it was either Stephanie McMahon, Lita, Trish or AJ. Who knows maybe this could be down the line a good option, personally I’d look for Lita or Steph, again I doubt WWE would use this but who knows.

4. My final thought would be a match where twin magic is just simply not possible, or seemingly not so. A cage match, a ladder match, again these are not twin magic proof, but they would make it harder. Banning Brie from ringside or the arena is another option, this has in essence been tried before, so whether it just needs tweaking, I don’t know

Still a bit lost as to what Paige might mean by change is coming, I’d love to see the women of NXT rise up and take the Bella’s down, or a special guest referee. I hope the Bella’s implode too, all of it would be worth watching, but right now the diva’s title means nothing, with AJ retiring, Paige is the only Diva I like watching that isn’t on NXT, bring Charlotte up soon, because, well she belongs at the top. Just don’t ruin her with the joke of a diva’s division in the state it is in now.


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