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Loyalty, Money and Football

Right, I’ve had enough, I am talking of course about soccer for my american readers! I am an Aston Villa and Huddersfield Town fan, always support your home town team, but I have a Premiership team in Aston Villa, just. My post today is about them, mainly about players, chairmen and managers in football and how they need to sort player loyalty out in football.

Yes I have been keeping an eye on transfer rumours regarding Villa in the summer window, mainly because even as early as the beginning of the year there was talk, we would be losing vlaar, delph and benteke. So here are my thoughts, my concerns and hopefully my hopes.

Ron Vlaar, if he goes it won’t surprise me, I’d have liked for him to stay but he is not english and therefore I can relate as an international world class defender he may want to move to a bigger or more competitive club. heard Besiktas are interested recently, but previously it was thought he may join up with Man United, this is not something I would normally like, but I think if he goes anywhere I’d like him to join up with Van Gaal.

Christian Benteke, Sherwood had him playing well towards the end of the season, he was on form, if he had have played well against Arsenal in the FA Cup final I would have wanted him to stay for sure, but his lazy performance in my opinion, something that I notice mostly with him is making him seem not much of a loss, he doesn’t get as much support but if Teddy Sherringham had hold of him I’m sure he would teach him a lot. So expecting him to move on, but if he stays, hopefully he will be whipped into shape soon.

Finally Fabian Delph, heard this lad signed a new contract but it has a low buy out clause in it, £10mil to be precise. Are you serious Lerner? Do you even care about the future of this club? This is the glue that holds the entire team together, this is the player that is possibly the future of the england midfield, think about bringing in players to help him grow, to increase his chances of reaching international football regularly, players to bring us back to the top half of the table, not selling him for a meagre 10 million. Also this is interest sparked by Man City, a team known for cherry picking english stars from other clubs purely to fill their european cup quotas, most spend a lot of time on the bench, if Delph goes, even I will lose respect for him as a player. Loyalty is hard to come by in this day, I know but moving to Man City is a no brainer, if you want to play football, you don’t want to go there.

So a bit bitter as I am about rumours, another point about football before I go, Jack Grealish had an amazing season, so he goes on holiday celebrates and gets a bit totalled, laid on the floor pissed up, the media snaps him and he is disgraced somewhat. So he gets lots of money and is asked to therefore not enjoy himself because he has to set an example for kids, look I am all for giving him a warning, but this young in his career, I think he will make these mistakes and its not as if he is raping anyone or getting into fights is it? Why are the media even getting hold of this footage shall we say anyway, he might be a star player for Villa but he is not exactly world renown is he?? Give the kid a break, warn him, see how he reacts, then if he keeps him causing trouble, reign him in. Boys will be boys people!

So yeah, sort it out Lerner, £10 million is a pitiful amount for a world class player, you can’t sell a club with no good players ya tool!


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