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Let’s talk NXT stars . . . .

So I have been keeping tabs on NXT and WWE going into this Tokyo special, NXT has revived my desire to keep up to date on WWE news, being a bit of a creative person myself and interested more in the storylines, characters and in ring story telling than the actual physical side of the business, I am also looking at how WWE pushes and develops guys, this has definitely intensified with the inclusion of NXT and during my time subscribed to the WWE network, I loved watching NXT and the old attitude stuff.

So I wanted to write about NXT stars and their future, where is it going, mainly the obvious ones Neville, Kevin Owens and Finn Balor, but I will look at the NXT women too, big fan of their work.

Firstly Kevin Owens, with a shot at the US Title looming after the NXT title defence against Finn Balor, it looks like he may lose the title to Finn and then win the US title, but I am a little confused with this. Owens has had a little taster of main roster action, with a win against Cena aswell he looks ready to move on up. Here are my issues, as they have been pushing him with Cena, they have been having him partially feud with Samoa Joe and Finn Balor on NXT, most people will watch both shows, or just the main roster I reckon. So with that said, what is Samoa Joe going to do if Kevin Owens moves on up? I hope Owens does move up, he is a great heel, but I fear he might have that Brock Lesnar or Daniel Bryan esque not fitting in style that holds him back, Vince might have him pushed to be a major star, then drop him like a sack of spuds for ages. Maybe I’m just not a fan of big guy, dominant heels, I prefer the more intelligent, sophisticated, tactical heel. I think he has a lot of potential but will WWE play it right, I am not so sure.

Moving on to Finn Balor, this guy has the talent to go far, big in Tokyo, his NXT title match for me has to result in him winning, I think its the right place for him to do it, however, is it right to keep him on NXT for longer? This is a guy who has done a lot in the business for a long time and one of his students, has made it to NXT herself, Becky Lynch. I don’t think there are any more but it would not surprise me if there were more. I think a run with the title, maybe breaking Neville’s run would be a a big  boost for bringing him up. He could have an epic rivalry with Neville when he arrives and his run in NXT would make that feud stronger. If he loses in Tokyo, he must be brought up to the main roster quickly, maybe he gets taken out by Owens and never comes back to NXT, he returns to feud with Owens for the US title. That might help develop Owens as a heel and even push Balor as a face.

So finally Neville, this is someone with so much potential the WWE has no clue what to do with it in my eyes. He could easily join Drew McIntyre on the pile of wasted talent, but of course if they use him well, he could be a huge star. I think his feud with Bo Dallas was a huge waste of time, Bo is nowhere near as over or talented as Neville and he dragged the feud down so much for me, if this was done with Owens following his move up to the roster it would be so much more interesting. I think a cruiserweight division returning, would help guys like Neville and Kofi, Xavier Woods, Lucha Dragons and so on really flourish, I know it is highly unlikely to happen but I find a match between the likes of kofi and neville more entertaining to watch than guys like Kane and Big Show. I think a UK/British Isles stable would be a good fit to help guys like Neville out, there are now plenty of stars from that area around, even a heel Anti-America stable with europeans joining in would be so fun to see,  I know its been done but I’m tired of Authority/Corporate crap and using the wealth of non american talent would add some depth to the show, look at new day, I’m not a fan of they seem to be dying with many people not interested in them, but sometimes they are so heel, an anti american stable would get so much more heat!

On that note, think about this, Sheamus, Becky Lynch, Finn Balor, all are Irish, don’t think there has been much chance for this sort of alliance before, make it happen! I want to touch deeper on the women of NXT and Paige’s situation in WWE in another blog post so keep your eyes peeled for that soon.

Thanks for reading,



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