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So I wanted to share some thoughts on the gaming world right now, or more to the point the games, what I’m excited about, what is good for me right now and what needs to change. Just thoughts, opinions and ideas, nothing more, nothing less.

So first of all being a PS4 owner I was bound to mention PS Plus, now for me I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed for having to pay for online, but it does have some perks. I was a big fan of PS Plus on PS3, but since the PS4 released it looked a lot weaker on all platforms. I think maybe the focus on indie games, which although some are amazing, some are really poor. I am thinking about the games I have gained through PS Plus and wondering what hits have there been, so here are my top picks I have enjoyed so far on PS4 with PS Plus.

The very 1st PS Plus title, Resogun is by far one of the most fun titles we have had. It did get deleted for a little time, but it is now back on my system, I hope to pick up the season pass sometime soon, definitely seems like it will inject life back into the game that a lot of people I know have got addicted to regardless. Next I doff my cap to the Dead Nation game, a top down zombie shooter, a game I managed to complete, in a fashion and bags of fun even if only for a short time. Don’t Starve has to be on my list as it is an amazing survival game, even if I never progressed much on it, I really enjoyed it. I will concede that it is a little better on PC however, more customization options and control over difficulty settings. So those were all early in my PS4 lifetime, so what would I recommend since, well mainly for the easy, but time consuming platinum but also for the crazy fun when playing 3 on 3 or 4 on 4, Rocket League, it is this months stand out for me, I heard so much bad stuff about Styx and I haven’t got into that, the others I am still yet to try, but I have to say the middle seems very vague, clearly nothing major of interest. So onwards what else is going on . . .

So I think a “get hyped” moment is in order next, everyone seems so confused and impatient about this title, but me I am just hyped and eager for more, anything, a beta test, more gameplay videos, more knowledge on how the game works, the release date, for the love of god, please, can I have a release date! Yes some of you will have guessed, or read ahead, you cheeky gits, No Man’s Sky is my hype game. I am so keen on this game, because like a fool I went and bought minecraft a while ago, I just can’t get into it, its clunky, it is not interesting, the graphics though I hate to say it, really do take away from this sort of game, so many clones of the game on pc are miles better, including some 2D versions, I know No Man’s Sky is not by any stretch minecraft, but it could turn into a game very much like minecraft, but on a much bigger scale. I am so keen to play this game it is unreal. Let me fill you in on this game for those who have missed the bus . . .

No Man’s Sky is a procedurally generated universe, the animals, the plants, the planets, all created by formula, basically maths, creates this world, it is astronomically huge, apparently a quintillion planets to explore. There are so many ways to play, no set story but a spore like goal of reaching the centre if you wish, when you reach it the game will supposedly change, no clue yet on how, but Sean Murray from Hello Games seems to keen to maintain the mystery of the game as much as possible and I for one agree with him, people will not delay gratification these days, I just want the game to come out ASAP so I can find out my own way. You can mine resources on planets, to upgrade your space suit and gun, spaceship, who knows what else might be in store. You could be a trader, you could be an explorer, you could just play combat focused. If anyone out there is with me that gaming journalists are over critical of this game and confused please give me a shout, or if you disagree too, I’d love to hear from people about this game in particular.

So hype aside, just, what else is coming to PS4, what is worth a look, well here is what for me. . .

Fallout 4, the biggest, most popular and waited for release I think on the calendar. I am definitely picking this one up, I do fail to complete games like this usually so I may wait until it has been out a month or so before I pick it up, unless I can’t resist, which may well happen. So next up Black Ops 3, now I might not be on my own for this title, this is Call of Duty’s last chance with me, this time, I really mean it. Treyarch are usually the best bet for Call of Duty games, people love the zombies, not me, I get these games to play with friends, but lately a lot of them are fed up with the series, so who knows, maybe after this one, Call of Duty is done for me. Just Cause 3 is my next game, I seen a little gameplay of this, it looks epic, but I just love just cause for the open world and chaos that it brings, so give me more! There are a few titles that deserve notable mention for sure, Lego Dimensions, still curious to see how it works, Fifa 16, with the inclusion of women, I am keen to see how they worked it in and if Fifa is going the same way as Call of Duty, stale. Then I am sure I haave forgotten a few, but we can’t mention everything all at once.

So I am hopeful that PS Plus will improve, but the store needs to take some significant drops in price, without discounts to really get my interest peaked. I only purchase odd, unknown titles that are dirt cheap if I make sure I like them first elsehwere. So yeah bring on the busy season that is September to November!

What dya reckon guys? Feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading,

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