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So, I felt it was time to welcome back Tangents! I have had a crazy few months, made redundant after a year of working in e-commerce, I have been trying to get a foot in the door somewhere else, more recently starting to keep my skills in the forefront of my mind, working for oxfam wastesaver, putting clothes, mainly cashmere online for them to sell! I had one interview, a good experience of a group interview, two applicants and the two members of staff, I think I did well, still waiting but then I got another one tomorrow closer to home! Fingers crossed.

So whats going on, well I am still working on my reggae playlist, keep putting off doing the first podcast and now my soundcard needs fixing. fingers crossed I can look into that this week too. I have found some gems on the way and am always looking for new artists to check out. My new phone is filled with mainly reggae now for me to enjoy!

So the big thing this weekend was NXT TakeOver Brooklyn and Summerslam, I have finally watched both, NXT stole the show, Samoa Joe vs Baron Corbin was great then both Main Events just knocked it out of the park. I really think even as predictable as it was that Bayley would win, it still felt possible throughout that she could lose, it was so emotionally investing and if anyone asks me what NXT is, I’d point them to this PPV, Bayley and the other 3 at the end of that match was awesome. Sasha showing a softer side and some honour and respect, They need to become that stable in due course, the 4 Horsewomen is a great idea, PCB while the best out of the three diva’s factions currently in play is a poor name. Then on to Summerslam, Seth Rollins winning both titles was the only way forward, can’t say I was happy about it, poor ending, Rollins needs to beat Cena properly, for his legacy to continue in the right fashion for me. I also am disappointed with how Taker vs Brock went down, Taker winning but in such a dusty finish, cheap way, is not great. He needed a big win and its slightly marred now by this bullshit finish. I agree with the referee but not the way this was written in. I wasn’t overly keen on summerslam the Diva’s match wasn’t as good as any i’ve seen on RAW, for instance what was that finish? Weak as that’s what!

So with wrestling aside, I’ve also just started watching Arrow, what a series, I am so keen to get into this more, watched a full disc from the blu ray in one night, thanks to a friend for lending it me. Can see some of the people in this could eventually cross into Doctor Who one day, hint hint Moffat.

Bringing me nicely on to Doctor Who, less than a month to go, I’m looking forward to having people round and watching the new series, I want to know who Maisie Williams is playing and if there are any other surprises I can’t wait!

Expect a little more posting from me hopefully in the next few months, I’ll be away enjoy some sun from 3rd September for a week, but I may get some posting done on my phone!


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