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Filling you in . . .

So guys, it’s that time of year again, I am taking a week off, so no streams after tonight, I may manage a blog post if I feel like it while I am away, internet might not be on the agenda. I hope to enjoy some decent weather and maybe get some good photo’s for once!

I am currently still soaked in to Nom Nom Galaxy, a great game that blends the business tycoon genre with Terraria essentially. I have the first hour look on youtube, if anyone wishes to get a feel for it, I am streaming it tonight aswell on my twitch channel. that is going to be very soon, between 6pm GMT and 11pm GMT, so feel free to follow the links below for that stuff. As I said tonight is the last time i will stream until I get back in just over a week.

I am hoping that I can get some serious youtube views churned out this next few months too, bringing you a bit more footage from some new titles I expect to be getting in the next few months. I am hyped for No Man’s Sky still but still no release date.

So here are the links . . .



For those lazy amongst us, I’ll leave this right for you to watch if ya like.


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