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Dangerous Game, Lost and Confused

Once there was a little boy that did not have a care in the world, he just played football and computer games, things happened, no idea why, still many years later he has no clue, then it all changed, now that little boy is grown up, he cannot earn his way, he cannot travel the world, he is lost and confused, he cannot and will not end it.

I am now that man, this is my blog, I write, to escape, because there seems to be fuck all else I can do, I have help, good support, but it doesn’t matter, because I live in a world where people are not valued, where liars are given a top seat, like bankers and politicians. I am so sad, for a world that I cannot believe in, I am so sorry for we have no hero to save us from this bullshit, no Bullshit Man, no Green Arrow, no Doctor, no not even Martha Jones, fantasy is so much more inviting when the real world is corrupted with politicians and bankers, the rich seeking to get richer, they never learn.

Who would rather be working all hours god send to get pittance, rather than sitting at home watching the TV and staring at the same few hundred jobs everyday? Tough choice right? This is the benefit trap, created to enslave the human race, live to work, because there is nothing else but work, no life is necessary providing the cogs keep on turning. I can turn this sadness for the world easily into anger, easily back into compassion for my people, I can easily point fingers and they can easily spread lies and sugar coated bullets.

I can’t do anything, I can just write, who can do something I wonder?

I have lived a life of wrongs if you will, made mistakes, but I learnt from them, how come the people up top never do? Is it right that somehow who has no clue about learning from mistakes and suffering is in charge? I’m just putting out there, I mean, how can you know what is right unless you make the wrong choice every once in a while, are you so self righteous that you claim to know all the right answers?

Fuck knows, all I know is, when the world goes to sleep, I have no support, so I write, because sometimes its tough to be inside my head, everyone is scared or ignorant to ask or whether to say anything, if someone is okay, if someone needs a chat, or a hug, I’m not, but if you’re reading this and can relate, I hope you have someone who isn’t scared to be there.

One last thing, MUSIC is KEY, something I picked up that helps me get through each day or at least some days.



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