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Fifa 16 Stream and Youtube Plans

Ok guys, so I am getting Fifa 16, should arrive on release day, so I plan on doing a stream thursday night maybe 7pm GMT, it might be a little later, plus if the game doesn’t arrive no stream of course. My initial plan is to play a game or two at different levels, not just skill but star rating too. I don’t play Fifa online, so will start by doing a career mode. Speaking of which, this is the big plan. . .

I want to do a successful campaign in the major european leagues. I grew up watching italian football on channel 5, obviously followed the premier league and have always enjoyed champions league too. I have teams for most leagues lined up. My English league however will be a longer campaign, possibly taking a really poor team to the premier league and champions league, take for instance fifa 15 I lost the save but I did start a career with York City from League 2. I am keen to do the following clubs . .






any more suggestions welcome, definitely open to doing more leagues, but this is a long term plan, with the idea that I must win the league before I move on, in the english leagues I plan to either manage Huddersfield, Aston Villa or a team from League 2, I must win the premier league before moving on and I’d prefer to win everything in england before moving on, this is probably going to be the 2nd of any country I play, any ideas on which country to start in? feel free to comment!



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