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Sod alliteration this week guys I’m posting just before that kicks in, on a wednesday night, let’s mix it up. So yeah I drifted from blogging once again and something grinded my gears just enough this week to draw me back. You may know what it is, in fact it is mainly two things. Fifa 16 and PS Plus.

I am starting with PS Plus as I know what I want to say clearly and fresh off the PS Blog showing me what lovely titles I am getting for the roughly £3.50 a month subscription. I pay yearly, so I think it is roughly that when divided by 12. So following the link if you don’t already know, or just carry on reading and I can tell you, we have Super Meat Boy, Broken Age and Unmechanical Extended on PS4 none of which are only playable on a PS4 so essentially, no PS4 title. Let’s face it this is what we are forced to endure if we want to play online and get some sort of free game. Unfair, well yes I think it is. I do understand it is taking some time to get PS Plus titles big enough to satisfy the loyal crowd, but Sony must have the power, maybe they don’t care anymore?

Don’t get me wrong I am hyped about seeing how Super Meat Boy plays on a console, I will be trying it as I never got round to playing much on my PC, I have it on steam, so would never have bought it on PS4, so nice to be able to try it on PS4. Broken Age, heard good things, not sure if it is my kind of game, but still I’d like to try it, so again ok for me, have no idea what Unmechanical Extended is so I’ll give it a whirl but with those three, I am not overly impressed, now these are complimented on PS3 and PS Vita by Kickbeat and Kung Fu Rabbit, with a ps3 only title in Chariot, again I am having issues with my ps3 but I may test those on ps3 to see if they might float my boat, but nothing is standing out, nothing impressive at the moment. I commented on the blog, saying sods law the first playstation plus title, AAA one that is, that we get will be Killzone, a game I owned from day one of my owning a PS4 sold soon as I had other games and did not enjoy what I played. I’d prefer if it was Knack, a game I’d never buy but would love to try. I also said a wishlist for gamers to show sony what we really want might be great for ps plus, here are my 3 most wanted ps plus titles for PS4.

3. Knack (never played, wouldn’t buy, would love to try)

2. Tropico (I want to try it on console but own it on steam so would struggle to justify buying it full price)

  1. Assassins Creed Unity or Far Cry 4 (I would love either of these titles, games I sometimes pick up cheap)

So yeah the no1 is either or, I would pick up either on cheap possibly someday, but both have had previous entries on the ps plus list before and I feel it would be a nice addition to the collection and show willing from developers and sony alike.

So onwards to the big one, football, the beautiful game. Or as Fifa 16 would now have you believe San Marino’s Snail Soccer Championships. Yes the players move like snails wading in tonnes of tar, unless they are controlled by the AI, I don’t play online much so I imagine it is slightly better on that score but I have read enough complaints to see that this is a bad rendition of the ever popular franchise. Fifa has always been helped to great success by its support of the minnows of football, lower league english football is a big draw for me living in a town which has a championship side. I can hardly expect them to make the jump to the Premier League any time really, so PES just isn’t a great option for me.

They have my balls in a vice, it is unfair, it is hard to stick when I know I have built myself up to be quite a good fifa player, only to be crushed this year by the San Marino esque defenders and the snail like movement of my own, docile unenthusiastic team mates. I am often caught trying to pass to a player who has run ahead behind three more defenders and cannot possibly receive the ball I just aimed at where he was. No Intelligent running, the strikers do their own thing often leading to stupid, unnecessary offsides. I am in a rage 90% of the time I play Fifa 16. Yes it is my thing, I like to rage, but I also like to have fun. I am not having fun with this Fifa.

Ultimate Team needs some sort of realistic selling price, for quick sell, nobody wants to buy my deadwood, but why should I suffer, what do you have to gain from me suffering, nothing cos I ain’t wasting money on a game I already paid full whack for. Why do people give you money for that shit? Mummy, mummy I want some packs for Ultimate Team can you put some credit on my psn account so I can buy fifa points, seriously how do EA sleep at night, the greedy shits!

First Sim City and The Sims, now this tripe with Fifa, for the love of god don’t ruin PVZ2!


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