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No Man’s Sky – no hope

So I was on the hype train for No Man’s Sky in the summer, watching everything reading owt I came across, hoping that I could sustain it until release, but I lost interest, I drifted for around a month I think, maybe. I didn’t read up on it, I didn’t look at videos, then I saw something new, a small date, 3rd october, new footage, new event showing off the game, I forgot about it til a few days ago, I just saw the footage, the teasing jump around a solar system, the blast through an asteroid to get down to this planet. I saw the naming of some stuff on that show, ya know what, it wasn’t much more than we have seen before.

I am a little tired of the hype train, because it isn’t getting any more intense, or busier, it is just luke warm, they needed to have a big push with lots of new content, videos and information, then announce a release date, or just leave it, wait until you know what is happening, but maybe I am wrong, what if I am?

I heard recently, or rather read on forbes, what if it was released in october, now if they sprung a release date on me like that, just out of the blue, then yeah I’d love it, but also with the expected price to be £40 ish I’d also be a little miffed, I’d like to know a little over a month in advance, just in case, I am only recently working again, with monthly pay, a list of some rather expensive stuff I want to get hold of hopefully before christmas, I like to be informed, Sean and the No Man’s Sky team seem like a really passionate, decent bunch, but I don’t see them getting a release date out there, maybe it is out of respect and passion they won’t say until they know for certain.

I do think they might be waiting til it’s acceptably finished, to announce a release date, then spend a short time tweaking and perfecting it, adding things that aren’t essential or necessary even, I just hope that it either lands before christmas or within this financial year at the latest, I would like to know a month in advance for definite, I don’t think end of October is likely, I am reckoning March 2015 might be the likely area to think of, a hint Sean gave around E3 made me think around May once, but I just think they need this to come out this financial year and March gives them the most time. I’m looking forward to it, but I want to be distracted from the hype train now, til there is a release date at least.

Any thoughts? Feel free to share them.



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