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Doctor Who – the possibilities

So I am watching each new Doctor Who episode, enjoying this season more each time we delve deeper into it. I wasn’t overly keen on the two part ghost story but it had its moments. I am really keen on Maisie in both episodes so far, am still expecting down the llne some major revelation about her or The Doctor and her.

I want more from it though, I want to have more of Capaldi. I heard he might be going after one more season, sad times, we need longer lasting Doctor’s. I have some fun ideas for comic relief episodes of Doctor Who, only loose ones so far. Mainly to make fandom crossovers squee. One being a harry potter one, where The Doctor meets Hermione, Ron and Harry. I just want a funny episode where either Tennant’s Doctor or another, not fussed which, maybe even a return for Rowan Atkinson, meets the trio and maybe with a companion exclaims about it, imagine it! I just want something so squee worthy, Missy needs to be in some crossover with Lord Voldemort too or Rita Skeeter . . . say something nice . . .

Ha just me having a little wonder, feel free to comment


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