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WWE 2k16 My Career Mode

So I am playing WWE 2K16 on my twitch stream a lot this week, really enjoying My Career mode, the way it has improved, the new features, the flow is almost perfect, I could do with a little more choice, a little more control and that extends into the gameplay too. it feels better, but also slower which is not a great thing, so mixed reactions from me.

I’m streaming it on twitch, where people can chat to me, each other, ask questions if they like or just sit and watch me play out my career, then I’m uploading the live footage to my youtube channel for people to watch at their leisure. I just hope people enjoy the show.

I must admit the people that have dropped by seem to be nice people, I have got the odd nutter, but hey, I welcome them all, sometimes it probably makes it more entertaining for the rest if a nutter throws down with me over something pointless. So feel free to drop by if you want, links below . . .



Cheers for reading,



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