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Reggae – a love I can’t deny

So I just got home from a reggae night, 2nd time I went to it but last time, I was dragged away as it wasn’t everyone else’s scene, this time I spent more time there, admittedly I’d have stopped longer had someone stuck around for the ride but it was so nice to just sway to the reggae beats immersed in the music, not caring what anyone else was doing, so relaxing, for a busy environment.

I can’t get enough reggae at times, the bass the feel of love there is pouring out of each track, the feeling of relaxation and easy going attitude it instils in me. I am definitely making this a regular haunt of mine, shame I will miss the december one. I will just have to fill my phone with a lot of new reggae and get some extra home listening in.

Any reggae lovers out there want to recommend some awesome tracks I may not have heard then feel free, I have a range of taste, from Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Dennis Brown to Protoje, Sara Lugo and Sizzla Kolonji, to name but a few!

Cheers for reading,



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