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Musings as December hits

So I have been churning out some WWE 2k16 content on my youtube and twitch channels, so feel free to drop by them, there are links in previous posts, this is just a quick update for now.

Reggae tune hunt is well under way. I added some new ones to my phone for journeys and possible mixes down the line. I am holding off on that while I solidify my work life. Upgrading my pc in the mean time to play games better.

I am trying to lay off the gaming so much, spreading it out more to enjoy it, as I know I am missing out on so much else, TV series, music, movies. Not keeping up with the Whoniverse news from Adipose TV for a while, hope to be back in that community more soon, as I am enjoying the new content from the folks at Tiny Rebel Games, Doctor Who legacy is a must have android game for any whovians! I must admit looking forward to playing more of Fallout 4, my last game I’m buying til Christmas at least.

So yeah, I’m trying not to forget that this reggae am constantly listening to is keeping me positive, laid back and thinking less, just soaking it in.

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