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Noise and Neighbours

I am an avid gamer, I rage, I am a heavy music listener, I love my music. So for me to be told to keep it down after 7pm or the latest 9pm, can be a little trouble. I am not a twat, I’m not inconsiderate, but I have a life.

I have now a dilemma, I maybe occasionally get a little over loud with my rage on call of duty, black ops 3, especially with all the campers and the fake! However I don’t play my music overly loud, in fact I often stick my headphones in instead. I sometimes like to have my phone play me some tunes or an audiobook while I have a bath, I ain’t quiet but come on, give me  a break.

So you have to get up at 3am, well, honestly sucks to be you, I guess, yeah it will kind of get annoying if you can’t sleep because I’m raging at some camper with no balls online, but seriously, I have a life, I didn’t ask you to get a job that starts so early, I don’t expect anyone else to put their life on hold for mine. If you want to party, as long its not after 11pm the designated time from law, that we have to be quiet then crack on, I let you be, but everyone thinks it doesn’t apply to them, give me a break!

So using headphones obviously isn’t going to help, it is obviously my voice that carries, force myself to whisper rage? soundproofing my house, on the connecting wall? doubt it will work. Oh and another thing if someone is noisy, deal with it then, or the next day at the latest. Don’t know about anyone else but I can’t often remember how noisy I was last week, if I was having a bad day for shouting or if my friend was over and we were getting a few drinks down us, because we presume if nobody comes round the next day, we weren’t too bad.

People are always wanting to live, but not to let others live, be nice if people just got on with their lives, left people to it.





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