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Gaming – streaming, youtube etc

So I have been thinking a lot about my current youtube channel, my gaming videos, my gaming time, pushing for followers, subscribers and also where to take my channels next.

I am barely dipping my toe in, I think my planned pc upgrade might get me a little more focus, I want to do more strategy/survival games, stuff like Don’t Starve, Anno 2205 or 2070, Cities Skylines, I want more games to play like Pharoah, Caesar but also survival games or sandbox games, tycoon games.

For those who haven’t checked out my content, I do WWE 2k16 a fair bit, I have posted a fair bit of Fifa 16 and some Call of Duty stuff. I usually stream from my PS4, then export some of it to youtube. I’m thinking when my PC get’s upgraded, I will likely do some content edited, with a bit more professional look to it, don’t hold me to it, I have a feeling it may take me ages to get things sorted.

I know that some of the youtubers I follow, have certain things ingrained into their content that I can learn from, for instance a few have killer musical outros, so with my own music, I reckon that is something I will look to add to my own content. Something I wanted to start, was using a schedule, but with my new job, I can’t guarantee to stick to it, I think I lack discipline, but we’ll get there eventually eh!

So just an update on my gaming side, in other news . . .

Looking forward to getting Just Cause 3, Don’t Starve’s new DLC Shipwrecked is also on my list. I’m looking forward to getting the Resogun DLC, to be fair, so much stuff, still enjoying fallout 4, my Euro Career Challenge on fifa is almost at the end of its second leg, with my Schalke success, being unreal, not even a full season and likely to do the treble!

If you guys have any suggestions for games that might be worth me checking out, feel free to let me know!

Thanks for reading,







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